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Medical Practitioner Providing Scarce Revolutionary Medical Equipment To Healthcare Institutions

Witnessing patients lying in bed for several months due to suffering from infected and complicated wounds due to preventable reasons served as an inspiration for the genesis of Negus Med Limited. Dr. Austin Omune, CEO, Negus Med Ltd, realized that patients take longer periods to recover from their ailments due to the lack of necessary medical equipment in most medical institutions in the country. Negus is addressing this problem by availing previously unavailable high impact revolutionary medical equipment to all healthcare institutions and base of the pyramid population.

One of the main difficulties experienced was during the COVID pandemic. “Supply chains were affected, limiting our ability, as medical practitioners, to acquire our essential medical products. To overcome this we began manufacturing essential protective medical garments and this has grown to manufacturing reinforced surgical garments and disposables,” says, Dr. Omune.

Negus Med Limited provides a marketplace for advanced surgical and wound care equipment and the manufacturer of surgical textiles and disposables.

Dr. Omune states, “Our innovation is our medical equipment/device e-commerce and drop-shipping app/platform that increases supply chain efficiency and outreach to peripheral areas and we also manufacture reinforced protective textiles as the sole regional manufacturer.”

Through the business, he has been able to realise an untapped market for local manufacture of medical devices and the impact it can serve to advance the standards of healthcare in general.

Through the E4Impact Accelerator program, Negus Med Ltd. was aiming to receive support in improving their business operations and mastermind with like-minded entrepreneurs and coaches.

Some of the challenges they have experienced while starting the business is aligning their business operations such as operational costs and also raising funds to allow them to scale up.

Participation in the program has improved the outlook of the business and has enabled them to increase the impact they  generate in the medical community.

Their aim is to be the premier surgical device and wound care equipment disruptor in the region. They aim to offer a steady supply chain to  hospitals and clinics by being the top manufacturer of surgical textiles in the East and Central African region.

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By Michelle Mung’ata

Communication & Marketing Lead

E4Impact Accelerator