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Seeds for Sustainable Energy

About the Project

Seeds for Sustainable Energy is an initiative that speaks to the core of what E4Impact is doing in Kenya; nurturing and supporting the birth and growth of impact enterprises that are creating real and impactful solutions in their local communities as well as creating jobs and opportunities at the local level; like those in the bio-fuel value chains that are empowering hundreds of smallholder farmers. The initiative’s key implementer is StartUp Africa Roadtrip; a not-for-profit initiative launched in 2017 by BeEntrepreneurs APS to support and drive cutting-edge social innovation in developing countries (initially East Africa), creating opportunities for entrepreneurial and startup ecosystems to grow locally and globally.

StartUp Africa Roadtrip has been part of the experts of E4Impact Entrepreneurship Center since its launch as an accelerator in 2018. The Center hosted the top 10 innovations from the Seeds for Sustainable Energy 2023 challenge for a training and experiential boot camp; the training was done by BeEntrepreneurs, Eni, and E4Impact teams.