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GAIN_Nutrition Impact at Scale

About the Project

E4Impact is in a collaboration with ASSEK (Association of Startup and SMEs Enablers of Kenya) and GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition) to provide technical assistance to Agri – food SMEs through the Nutrition Impact at Scale program in Kenya (NIS). This is a program that works with Enterprise Support Organizations (ESOs) that are willing and have the requisite capacity to attach a ‘nutrition lens’ to their work with SMEs to ensure a large-scale and accelerated nutrition impact for the masses. The purpose of NIS is to continue to bring attention to nutrition-related issues by sharing actionable knowledge and practical tools to sustainably help relevant actors to be better equipped to support and/or incubate SMEs to improve nutrition impact.

The project is running for 9 months with key areas of focus as:

  1. Training of agri-food ESOs on business development, nutrition enhancement, food safety, standards and compliance, and business efficiency.
  2. Running an acceleration program for agri-food SMEs to enhance their business model with a nutrition and investment lens.
  3. Influencing access to finance facilities to support the implementation of nutrition-based business models for growth and scalability of their impact.