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Energy Enterprise Coach (EEC) Program

About the Program

E4Impact is in collaboration with NIRAS on the EEC Program to provide an inclusive, solution-oriented approach to support a number of renewable energy enterprises and accelerate their growth trajectory towards investment readiness.

As a consultant, E4Impact conducts tailored training and mentorship sessions as well as peer-to-peer learning sessions to strengthen the capacity of renewable energy enterprises to improve and scale their businesses/ innovations. Through the program, the capacity for the enterprises to attract grants and investment is enhanced through business model development enhancement and investor readiness training and practice.

The training takes the following approach:

  • Enterprise-based: rather than offering pre-defined knowledge, the training provides actionable tools among which small-scale entrepreneurs choose (based on industry and development stage) and apply directly to the business
  • Action orientation: the training stimulates participants to apply such tools to their businesses to bring about improvement (e.g. environmental impact map to mitigate negative impact). The application of the tools leads participants to develop business deliverables that are immediately applicable to their businesses.
  • Learning by doing: the execution of business assignments that the renewable energy enterprises carry out is a way to cement what they have learned.
  • Blended delivery: the workshops combine frontal lectures, assignments, and actions by participants.