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Amref Africa_Dagoretti Fashion & Design Center

About the Initiative

One of the focus areas of E4Impact is Fashion and Leather. In 2021, E4Impact consulted for Amref Africa to carry out research focusing on the impact of the Dagoretti Fashion and Design Centre (DFDC); a social-driven facility, sponsored by Amref Africa. The objective was to conduct market research in the fashion and design industry in Dagoretti Nairobi aimed at empowering the women and the youth in DFDC.

This was after the wake of Covid 19 and the DFDC project sought to impact the community in three key ways:

  1. Creating employment:- The primary impact of DFDC was creating employment. Thousands of youth, women, and young mothers are expected to gain employment when the DFDC is opened. This will greatly boost their standards of living.
  2. Reduction of crime rate:- There has been a steady rise in crime rate over the past few years since the cost of living started going up. Countless numbers of young men and women have been arrested. Reports from the CID, Kenya show that crime has risen by 20% over the last 18 months alone. A good percentage of this has been reported in the Nairobi area and its surroundings. The introduction of DFDC is set to bring the crime rate down since the main target of the employer will be the youth. Some of them are already in rehabilitation centers in Nairobi and are awaiting to be released into the world as the first employees of DFDC.
  3. Rise in economic activities:- A rise in economic activities is expected upon the opening of the DFDC. Small businesses are expected to crop up around the center. They include kiosks, small hotels, restaurants, and car washes, among others.