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Wekesa Elijah

Project Coordinator

Mr. Wekesa is a skilled agricultural economist with a strong background in project coordination and management. With his comprehensive understanding of agricultural economics and a passion for driving positive change in the agricultural sector, he has successfully led and coordinated numerous projects aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity, rural development, and sustainable farming practices.

A graduate in BSc Agricultural Economics from Egerton University, Wekesa has over 8 years of practical experience in rural and urban household research, coordination and facilitation of field work activities, coordination of community-based projects, training farmers, the establishment of demonstration sites, conducting business linkage meetings, marketing linkage training, and project coaching.

Mr. Wekesa has worked with reputable organizations, especially in the world of agricultural research such as ILRI, CIMMYT, World Vegetable Centre, Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development, KALRO, and ICIPE, among others. As a result of these assignments, he has amassed valuable experience, skills, and knowledge in project coordination, creating sustainable market

linkages, competence leadership, intrapersonal skills, general fieldwork assignments, farmer training, farm planning, and use of digital tools for data collection, cleaning, and validation. Mr. Wekesa joined the E4Impact foundation on November 1st, 2022 as a Farmer liaison and Community manager under the ARABIKA project; where he served as a crucial communication bridge between farmers and other relevant stakeholders such as agricultural organizations, government agencies, and industry representatives in the Arabica coffee sector.

Mr. Wekesa later, in January 2023, moved to West Pokot County as a project coordinator under the EU Ustahimilivu project where he has been coordinating and implementing E4Impact’s activities to date. Besides his busy professional schedule, Wekesa is an entrepreneur, and community mobilizer and loves traveling for purposes of networking and strengthening his skillful background.