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Linet Mariita

Data Expert

Ekea is a hardworking, flexible and enthusiastic Agricultural Economist, with strong experience in Value chain development, technical agronomy, business development services, and Social & economic research along agricultural value chains. He holds MBA in Global Business and Sustainability-Social Entrepreneurship from ‘Universita Cattolica del Sacro cuore’ and he is currently pursuing MSc. Agricultural and Applied Economics at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology.

His keen interest is to utilize his set of skills and experience in the agricultural sector to unearth more efficient ways of doing business and solving societal problems to alleviate poverty, reduce income inequalities and improve the living conditions of the rural population by imparting entrepreneurial mindsets for self-sustenance. Ekea joined the E4Impact foundation in June 2020 as a field staff based in Isiolo County, Kenya, where he works as a project officer and business coach to Isiolo entrepreneurs and Kenya at large. 

Over the last three years, Ekea has trained and mentored over 2,500 entrepreneurs under Fodder, Poultry, Livestock, Camel milk, and honey value chains, reporting tremendous enterprise growth along those value chains. Before joining E4Impact, he worked in different private firms as a field technical agronomist coordinating the production and marketing of highly valued horticultural crops for export markets as well as an Agribusiness consultant supporting the development and implementation of Kenya Dairy and Crops Marketing systems.