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Incubator Cohort 2


CropScan Smart Farming IoT device is a patented solar-powered plant diagnostic device that at the tap of a button and within 2 seconds at the farm, is able to detect the exact nutrients lacking in the farmers’ crops, which fertilizers to apply and what quantities to apply. The devices are also connected to global satellite imagery satellite API that uses the farm’s geographical coordinates to give farmers accurate farm yield prediction 55 days before the harvest, weather prediction for their farms as well as monitor crop health continuously through satellite imagery.

Rhea Soil Health Management Ltd

Rhea offers on-site soil analysis using a mobile sensor-powered device to analyze essential macronutrients and provide the results and recommendations on input use in real-time. This is done through USSD for farmers who hold a feature phone or through a smartphone app. The sensor-powered devices use IOT technology provides reading from a soil sample and sends the data to the recommendation system.

Fort School

Fort school has engineered a solution that will help those learners who have difficulties in accessing quality education to catch up with the fellow students through learning virtually on Fort School App. The solution is seeking to promote equality and fairness in education by helping every student to get access to national teachers and chief examiners’ content (pre-recorded videos, notes, Q&A, quizzes), from their smartphone or PC.

Eago Group Automation

Eago Group designs and produces of smart devices(IoT) for transport & and smart home sectors as well as impacting young learners with knowledge in the electronic field.


M-taka serves waste generators, such as households, businesses, and institutions, enabling them to dispose of waste easily and contribute to sustainability. M-taka’s platform bridges the gap between these two segments, creating a symbiotic relationship that drives efficient waste management.

Farmsky Ventures

Farmsky is an investment platform that greatly reduces the risk of investing in farm projects while increasing Return on Investment (ROI). Farmsky uses a technology platform to identify, assess and manage farm projects from various farmers. The Farmsky platform picks and curates climate-resilient, profitable and scalable farm projects using an investment rating technology. Manage/optimize for each project including offtake agreements. It allows Investors to simply use the dashboard to invest in each approved farm project, track portfolio performance and receive returns.


Phindor is an innovative business management solution for retail MSMEs. Retailers use Phindor to collect and aggregate payment, and customer data for use performance and growth analysis. The platform further helps retailers to manage and optimize inventory using machine learning to make sure they always have the right items in stock and also avoid over/under stocking.

Kite Holdings Ltd

Kite Holdings utilizes technology to address the requirement when transferring data securely from one party to the other. The tech combines physical equipment and devices with cloud-based processing and easy-to-deploy web and native applications.

Afribot Robotics Ltd

Afribot Robotics offers innovative solutions through its multi-sectoral approach. For STEM education, we introduce robotics into classrooms, providing hands-on learning experiences and invigorating interest in technology. In agriculture, our robots automate processes, boosting efficiency and productivity. We also cater to the local manufacturing sector by offering customization of robotic solutions to fit specific needs, thereby fostering industry growth.