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Incubator Cohort 1

Kijani Testing

Kijani Testing Limited is a Kenyan start-up that focuses on providing field trials and market testing services to renewable energy, off-grid appliances, and equipment meant to positively impact the lives of potential users. We ensure that all components of your innovation are properly together.


Innoneat is a battery recycling startup that gives a second chance to dispose of batteries. Their circular, repairable, and maintainable Solar Ready Repurposed Lithium Ion Batteries manufactured from recycled cells offer a lower overall cost of ownership for low-income communities in rural off-grid areas.

Open Farms

Open Farm is working to improve food security and reduce poverty by providing small-scale farmers with finger millet, agronomic services, farm inputs, crop insurance, and market uptake for their produce. They are planning to diversify to other crops like red sorghum, cassava, groundnuts, and soya.


Tutadoo is an easy and convenient way for event creators to create, list, ticket, market, and build communities around their events, and for people to find, participate and connect.


A platform that connects vets and farmers. Bobbi onboards vets where people can get their listed services. The app also acts as a marketplace for farmers where they can list their livestock for sale and be connected to potential buyers.


This is an online platform providing instant and scheduled property maintenance services to property owners from local craftsmen and businesses.


CoverApp is an insure tech on-the-go platform that aims to provide affordable insurance to those who need it the most. CoverApp enables users to purchase insurance and emergency products on the go via their mobile phones.

MyShamba Digital

My Shamba Digital is a platform built to make Real Estate Transactions Simpler, Secure, and Transparent. The startup provides real-time verification and validation of real estate transactions, ensuring transparency and accuracy throughout the entire process.


An AI-powered smart waste management system that identifies and rewards users for waste disposal.