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Accelerator Cohort 4

Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics utilizes a distinctive method to convert beans into 100% natural and highly nutritious products.

Everest Enterprises Ltd
  • Everest Enterprises Ltd is a growing and exporting company dedicated to enriching lives through the cultivation, packaging, and export of safe, high-quality, and sustainably produced horticultural products.


Azaavi Foods
  • Azaavi Foods was established to connect farms directly to consumers, reducing post-harvest losses, fostering employment, and promoting sustainable organic farming practices.


Dheiton Ventures Ltd

Dheiton Ventures Ltd focuses on addressing market inefficiencies for smallholder poultry farmers. Their innovation in the egg value chain aims to enhance resilience against climate change, particularly impacting communities and small-holder farmers in arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs).

Nawasscoal Co. Limited

Nawasscoal Co. Limited is tackling challenges in sustainable energy production, carbon emissions reduction, and sanitation improvement.

Meraki Foods LTD

Meraki Foods LTD addresses the challenges farmers encounter due to poor handling practices during transportation, storage, and processing, which often result in spoilage and deterioration.

Mubi Leather

Mubi Leather is a sustainable, Kenyan-made brand specializing in designing and crafting leather bags and accessories.

Zanta Adeyde
  • Zanta Adeyde is committed to sustainable fashion by upcycling waste materials, including leather, bones, and horns sourced from various abattoirs across Kenya. 


Ankole Luxury

Ankole Luxury is a sustainable, hand-crafted accessory brand celebrating the African culture in each of its uniquely designed pieces. Ankole jewellery is made from ethically sourced raw materials such as horn, brass and semi-precious stones.

Katya Natures Ltd
  • Katya Natures Ltd offers beauty solutions with a product line centered around organic and natural ingredients. Katya Nature’s is involved in the production of high-quality, 100% natural hair, skin, and beauty products in Kenya.


  • GrowAgric addresses the challenges of limited access to financing for smallholder farmers, over-reliance on middlemen, limited market opportunities, and the absence of a reliable method to track farm performance. 


Nolan Clark EASolar
  • Nolan Clark EASolar, customizes solar solutions and deploy them at affordable costs, while maintaining high standards of quality.


Adili Solar Hubs
  • Adili addresses challenges in underserved fishing communities by enhancing livelihoods, creating employment, and promoting environmental sustainability.


Ecovard Solutions Ltd

Ecovard Solutions specializes in manufacturing wastewater treatment technology, including the granular sludge reactor.


GoBEBA is revolutionizing Africa’s utility supply chain to address the challenges arising from rapid urban growth. With inadequate infrastructure for distributing basic essentials like drinking water and cooking gas, GoBEBA steps in with a digital distribution platform.

Timao Group

Timao Group, a social enterprise, tackles climate change and the housing crisis in Africa with quick-build, modular housing solutions.

E-Tiba East Africa
  • E-Tiba EA specializes in delivering compassionate and personalized care to individuals in the comfort of their homes. E-Tiba offers specialized services including skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, and assistance with daily living activities.


Rewot Ciro Limited

Rewot Ciro Limited, operates a dynamic and innovative online platform accessible via mobile devices. This platform connects retailers with distributors of fast-moving products, simplifying the ordering, delivery, and receipt processes.

EcoVille Enterprise
  • EcoVille Enterprise is a plastic recycling company dedicated to circularity and maximizing the value of waste plastic. Additionally, EcoVille empowers youth without formal education by training them in plastic recycling and providing employment opportunities.


The Flipflopi

Flipflopi employs a comprehensive “full-systems” model to address plastic waste reduction and management. Through a community-centered approach, they localize recycling and culturally relevant production for income generation.

Blueberry Leather
  • Blueberry Leather aims to maximize leather use, minimize scrap material, and extend product longevity. By emphasizing durability, versatility, and repairability.


Apiculture Venture Limited
  • Apiculture Venture aims to revolutionize livelihoods and agribusiness by harnessing natural resources, promoting environmental conservation, fostering harmonious human-animal and bee co-existence, and enhancing nutrition, health, and social and economic sustainability. 


Shehab E - Mobility Solutions
  • Shehab manufactures electric tricycles (tuk-tuk) for cargo and passenger use and solves the problem of high operation costs, cost fuel and maintenance, and high rate of CO2 emission (and noise pollution) while making it possible for people living with disability to tri-cycle.


Afrex Gold Limited

Afrex Gold Limited provides small scale farmers with quality and certified avocado seedlings at a competitive price. The enterprise also gives tailor-made training to the farmers to maximise their yields and helps them access sustainable markets for their produce.